Leverage Our Doctors Network

You Have Patients Who Need Care.

Scale your business without having to invest into a doctors network.

TeleMD Now Features

Real-Time Patient Care

Send your patients to our doctor’s network for immediate care and treatment.

Customized Intake Workflows

How do your onboard patients? What data is important for your workflow? Our customized intake workflow will allow you to build the workflow necessary.

Fifty State Coverage

Our doctor’s are licensed and insured in all fifty states. Your patients will have accessible and local treatment options specific to their state.

Unique Product Workflows

The world of telemedicine is vast. Our product-specific workflow can help you tailor the best experience per product or service that you offer.

Product Specific Questionnaires

Each medication or service requires unique data gathering about the patient in order to understand their situation and needs. We can tailor questionnaires specific to your offerings

Modern API Infrastructure

Our technology is scalable so that you can scale your operations. Need high throughput? Need realiability? We have you covered

Patient Updates via Webhook

Join the patient on their journey by getting real-time updates as the patient goes through the care-cycle. From consult to prescription to delivery, we will keep you informed with constant updates.

RX Generator & Fax

Get your prescriptions where they need to go. Leverage our pharmacy relationships or send prescriptions to the pharmaccy of your choice.

Best-Practice Telemed Rules Engine

Each state has different rules and regulations regarding telemedicine. Our technology routes consultations and prescriptions according to state rules and regulations.